Supplier Quality Requirements

Revision Date: 01/21/20

Below outlines the basic quality requirements and procedures that must be met by you the supplier, and your suppliers, before products or services will be accepted at Ushers Machine and Tool, Inc. (UMT).

1.   Quality/Business Management System – You are responsible for maintaining a quality management system that will assure the production and on-time delivery of conforming products and/or services with associated records, from you and/or your suppliers.

2.   Inspection and Calibration System: – A documented (including software) gage/fixture calibration system, as well as a documented in-process/final inspection system must be in place. As required by the Purchase Order (PO), First Article Inspections, Capability information, or other data reports shall be submitted electronically to the email provided on the PO. As applicable, use forms supplied by UMT unless otherwise approved for all data submissions.

3.   Certification Requirements – For special processes, you are responsible for submitting evidence of certification of your own or your sub-contractor’s special processes. Special processes are those for which (i) the resulting output cannot be verified by subsequent non-destructive monitoring or measurement and/or (ii) personnel require certification by governing third-party to perform process. Raw material not furnished to you by UMT will require objective evidence that material used meets all specified criteria of the PO.

If requested by the PO, the Supplier shall submit a certification of conformance (COC). A responsible representative of the Supplier must sign this certification. The COC must attest to the itemized requirements of the PO being met. The following information as a minimum must also be included on the certificate;

  1. Name and address of the Supplier

  2. Contact name and phone number

  3. PO number

  4. UMT Part number and revision

  5. Suppliers material lot number

  6. Date shipped

  7. Quantity ordered and quantity delivered

  8. Itemized list of specifications/requirements met

All certifications and records are to be sent electronically to the email specified on the PO.

4.   Shipping/Nonconforming Outputs – All purchased/produced materials and services must meet all requirements set forth in the PO and it’s supporting documents, with any exception requiring documented approval by UMT. If there are any questions related to the conformance and/or definition of purchased materials and services, please contact the Purchasing Dept. personnel who placed the order with you. For shipments, all conforming parts must be clean and packaged to prevent shipping damage.

Nonconforming material is not to be shipped to UMT without express written authorization to do so. If you receive such authorization, clearly mark and segregate the discrepant material from any conforming parts in shipments. Nonconforming product that remains at your facility is to be rendered useless/unusable before discarding. Should you suspect that defective product has been inadvertently shipped to UMT, immediately notify with the known facts within 24 hours.

All records associated with nonconforming products are to be sent electronically to the email specified on the PO.

5.   Control of Changes: – The Manufacturing methods, processes, and controls used on the first approved order to UMT may not be changed without expressed written approval. The vendor must notify UMT of changes to processes, products, or services, including changes of their sub-contractors or location of manufacture, and obtain UMT’s approval.

6.   Prevention of Counterfeit Parts: – Suppliers shall have established and maintained methods for the prevention of the use, and the delivery of, counterfeit goods to UMT.

7.   Intellectual Property and Retention Requirements – All drawings, instructions, material, samples, written correspondences, etc. associated with conducting business with UMT is considered proprietary and may not be used, reproduced, modified, or disclosed to any other parties for any other purpose without the expressed written permission of UMT.

All records are to be retained for a minimum period of 10 years unless otherwise specified on the PO and made available to UMT (upon request).

8.   Right of Access – During the course of doing business, UMT reserves the rights to access for UMT, UMT’s customers, and regulatory authorities, to the applicable areas of facilities, at any level of the supply-chain, involved in the order(s) and to all relevant records.

9.   Ethics Policy: – UMT supplier code of conduct can be found on the Aalberts Industries website for Code of Conduct.